We know that the Safari browser may not be the most popular out there, but we think it is by far one the of the best for workflow and productivity. Apple’s browser is optimised for ease of use and the design of the interface makes it a joy to use. We want to share with […]


Apple has always placed a lot of emphasis on the requirement of SSL certificates on all websites. Now they are introducing a new policy on SSL, which will prevent the Safari browser from accepting HTTPS certificates that expire more than 13 months after their date of creation. This change will be implemented soon, and will

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cPanel Hosting

We wanted to give our readers a good idea of cPanel Hosting providers available in 2020.  A few years ago when we first launched our site based on browsers, we had some major issues with host providers and has to go through a whole lot of anguish in order to get the situation sorted and

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2020 has been quite the year for technology as well as computing in general. Increasingly advancements are being made in a variety of different sectors in business overall. One of the main areas in which computing is being improved is actually within the automotive industry. Increasingly auto manufacturers such as Tesla are incorporating more computers

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