Version 1.6 of DeliciousSafari is available. It includes tag suggestions, a Safari to importer, and an enhanced favorite tags menu. Changes Tag suggestions when adding bookmarks Safari to bookmark importer Combine tags to narrow results in favorite tags menu Changed keyboard shortcut to Control+D Fixed bug that prevented some URLs from being saved

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Version 1.5 of DeliciousSafari is available. When saving a bookmark that you have already saved, DeliciousSafari now populates the fields with your exising values. This provides basic bookmark editing. Simply click on the bookmark and then re-add it. When you do, it will be filled with the values of your last post. Changes Displays current

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DeliciousSafari is taking part in this year’s MacSanta promotion. That means today you can get 20% off of DeliciousSafari by entering in MACSANTA07 for the coupon code. If you miss today’s discount, you can still get 10% off for the rest of December by entering in MACSANTA07TEN. Merry Christmas!

Version 1.4 of DeliciousSafari is now available. This version fixes a major problem introduced in Version 1.3 that caused tags to not be saved when running on Tiger. I apologize to everyone who lost data as a result of Version 1.3. It was completely my fault and I could have easily caught the problem with

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Version 1.3 of DeliciousSafari is now available. Tag completion, the most requested feature, is in there. Also, a major performance bug when dealing with large sets of bookmarks is fixed. Changes Tag completion when saving bookmarks (this is the most requested feature following the initial release). Big performance gain creating the menu. This was

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