DeliciousSafari 1.3

Version 1.3 of DeliciousSafari is now available. Tag completion, the most requested feature, is in there. Also, a major performance bug when dealing with large sets of bookmarks is fixed.


  • Tag completion when saving bookmarks (this is the most requested feature following the initial release).
  • Big performance gain creating the menu. This was causing Safari to load slowly and a spinning beach ball when posting new bookmarks. Everything should be lightning fast now. On my machine, the menu creation routine went from a 2.3 second operation to a 0.02 second operation. I repeat – DeliciousSafari should have NO noticeable impact on Safari performance.
  • Bookmarks are now sorted by name within each tag.
  • Expanded compatibility for auto generated bookmark titles that contain HTML character entities. This means math symbols, greek letters, and other characters will show up as expected, rather than as some weird HTML code like ù.