SEO Services Glasgow Helped Us Grow

When it came to developing our software and browser extensions, we like to think that, without sounding too big headed, we absolutely crushed it.  Developing apps and extensions is our strong point, and we have a great team that is able to band together to create something great.  We were able to visualise exactly what we wanted the app to do, and how it performed in the real world.  This vision is something that came easily to us, and although it was a lot of hard work, we all pulled our weight and were able to make our dreams a reality.  For everything else, we needed SEO services Glasgow, since we are pretty poor at backing ourselves and didn’t want to just make noise about our service.

SEO Services Glasgow

SEO Services Glasgow

Marketing is certainly not our forte, along with a whole host of business related activities that we have little to no experience in.  So for that, we enlisted the help of a specialist company dealing with SEO services Glasgow.  We wanted to make sure that any company we were working with shared similar brand values as us, and had the necessary experience working with products like ours.  We know we had created something good, so we didn’t want our marketing to fall short.  The company we selected had a lot of experience working with software development companies, some of which were large enterprises with impressive figures.  We hoped that they would be able to create a stir and drive consumers towards our site so that the product and service could shine through.

SEO Services Glasgow

What Actually Happened?

Like a lot of things in business, everything doesn’t always go to plan.  When the marketing company came on board, they identified a number of things on our website and various channels that would need to be optimised in order for consumers to find us.  This process took around a week to fully sort, and then we were informed that the marketing campaigns would start, utilising a number of organic campaigns as well as paid ads on various platforms.  Progress at first was slow, however our marketers had warned us that this would be the case, especially with a brand new product such as ours.


The Results

After a few weeks of tweaking ads, trying to hit the right keywords, and generally optimising our strategy, the traffic started flowing in.  The marketing company definitely proved their worth, and thanks to our patience we were able to see the sales fly in.  Although our partners had told us that it can take a few months for new websites and campaigns to get traction, we were eager to show the world what we had created.  The marketing company used smart tools and software to track and analyse which campaigns were working and where the bulk of our traffic was coming from.  Over the course of about 3 months, we watched our website traffic grow by around 200%, and we sold enough product to cover our start up costs and then some!