Safari Tips You Never Knew About

We know that the Safari browser may not be the most popular out there, but we think it is by far one the of the best for workflow and productivity.

Apple’s browser is optimised for ease of use and the design of the interface makes it a joy to use.

We want to share with you our top tips for using this awesome browser to its full potential.

Lets start with tabs.

Didi you know you can pin your favourite tabs so that even when you close safari the tabs stay open?

This means that when you reopen the browser, those tabs are there waiting for you.

To do it, go to Window > Pin Tab and safari will pin the current page.

Next tip is toolbar customisation.

This is great for giving you control over the features that you most commonly use.

Simply go to View > Customise Toolbar, the you can drag and drop any new item into a blank space on the toolbar.

The next top tip is saving web pages to PDF.

This is very handy if you want to send a full page screenshot.

It is as easy as going to File > Export as PDF.

The next tip is one that we have started using more and more.

Safari reader allows you to strip back all the distractions on a web page and leaves you with a nice clean text that is easy to read.

You can also change the size, font and colour of the text by click in the aA icon.

We have to mention Safari’s extensions if we are doing top tips.

Almost all browser offer third-party extensions to enhance your browsing experience.

Go to Safari > Safari Extensions and search for any extension you like, including our own if you like.