Storage Units Glasgow Can Store Your Business Documents

Government regulations mean that all companies have to keep records for 7 years, and this can pose a few problems for companies that don’t have the space or the resources to keep copies of everything. This is exactly the problem that we ourselves faced when we started trading a few years ago.  We were advised that we would need to take action or risk hefty fines.  We were naturally overjoyed when we found that out that we weren’t required to store them on the premises, as long as we had access to them, we could store them anywhere we wanted.  Straight away we got in touch with some storage units Glasgow city had to offer for our storage solutions.

Storage Units Glasgow

Storage Units Glasgow Offer Archive Boxes For Documents

Organisation is definitely not one of our strong points, and our document storage system consisted of a single storage cabinet that was overflowing, messy and disorganised.  In reality it was a good exercise for us to go through, as it meant that we had to go through all of our documents, sort them by date and get everything organised and ready to be placed into storage.  The storage company actually helped a lot by providing us with storage boxes that perfectly suited for the document storage units Glasgow.

Storage Units Glasgow

How Long Did it Take?

Ok so if we are being honest here, it took us almost a whole week to sort through our documents and put them into the archive boxes.  There was two of us working all day for 4 or 5 days, and we still managed to take ages.  We now recognise the importance of organised the business documents as they come in, rather than pilling them up to be sorted through at a later date.  Truth be told, the quickest part of the whole ordeal was actually placing them in storage.  That part of the process literally took around 30 minutes from start to finish.

Storage Units Glasgow

The Storage Centre

When we arrived at the storage centre we were met by one of the managers there who was very helpful.  We signed a few documents, paid the first months instalment, got handed the keys and access codes to the main document storage hall and away we went.  We went in and were met with row upon row of shelves with hundreds of document archive boxes on them.  We went to our shelf location, found our own spot, threw the boxes in and that was that.


Easy Option

We decided to go down this route mainly due to space constraints at our place of work.  We are so glad that we went a professional storage centre, since they were able to help us with the boxes and advise us along the way with things like how to organise the documents and how to store them.  The also walked us through the whole process and made the experience very easy indeed.  We are now wondering what else we could store at these facilities.