What is The Best Web Browser in 2020?

When it comes to browsing the internet, people generally want two things as given.

They want fast web pages that load instantly.

And they want autonomy between devices.

If a browser can tick these two boxes then straight away it is going to be a hit with internet users.

There are a few other qualities that people look for, like security and enjoyability.

We want to list our top 3 internet browsers, as well as giving a brief look at some of their pros and cons, so you have the best information possible to make an informed decision.


The Best Browsers in 2020


Mozilla Firefox

This browser has long been held as the best all rounder in terms of internet browsing.  It has been called by some as the ‘swiss army knife’ of the internet, and for good reason.

It is now on its 72nd version, and its performance and features have never been better, running smoothly even on older devices and modest hardware.


  • Super Flexible
  • Cross Platform Synchronisation
  • Good Privacy Protection


  • Can be a bit Slow


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s latest browser has been developed with speed and agility at its heart, utilising the Chromium platform.

It includes features such as in depth control over things like privacy, devices, pop-ups and more.  You can even specify the autoplay protocol for all sites you visit.


  • Very Fast
  • Clear Privacy Tools
  • Save Sites as Apps


  • Windows wants it to be the default

Google Chrome

This is the world’s favourite browser, with millions of users, but it is not without its drawbacks.  One of the main complaints about Chrome is the system memory that it uses.

Although Google has implemented measures to address this with their Freeze Tab feature, it still remains quite heavy on the RAM usage.


  • Speedy
  • Very expandable
  • Cross platform capable


  • Can be resource hungry