cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting in 2020

We wanted to give our readers a good idea of cPanel Hosting providers available in 2020.  A few years ago when we first launched our site based on browsers, we had some major issues with host providers and has to go through a whole lot of anguish in order to get the situation sorted and find a provider that was good at what they do.  We could have just chosen anyone and go with, which is the approach that a lot of new companies use, but the truth is that when things go wrong with your website or with customers, you need to have a cPanel solution that works for you.

cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting For Dummies

If you are new to the website game, you are probably sitting there wondering what on earth is cPanel hosting?  When you start your very own website, you need to have a domain, which is hosted by a third party domain hosting company.  These companies basically own the servers where the content that is found on a website is stored and managed.  Most hosting providers give their customers access to what is known as a control panel: a place where users can manage things like their account, domain names, email addresses and more.  cPanel is the most popular out of all the control panels available, because it makes it simple and easy to manage and run your own website.

cPanel Hosting

Things to Take Into Consideration

There are several important things to think about when you are selecting a provider.  One of the first things people will look at is the price, but you have to remember that not all hosting companies will provide the same services, so you cannot go off price alone.  There are usually price options that are on a monthly basis, and most companies will offer a discount for a years subscription.  There are also things to think about like back up systems, security, disk space, the level of support and more.


Disk Space

Many hosts do generally offer unlimited storage space and this seems to be the norm nowadays, but watch out for some prices luring you in with promises of a cheap monthly price, but the disk space is only 10GB or so.  Even a standard website with around 15 pages can eat through disc space fairly quickly, so make sure your disk space matches your requirements.

Speed and Other Factors

Speed is a big factor when it comes to hosting, as the visitors on your site will have to pull all the information on your website from the hosts servers.  A slow website gets twice the bounce rate that a fast website will get, so you want yours to be as fast as possible.  Another major factor is security and back ups of your website.  If something happens, you want to be sure that you have your website backed up so that you can restore it.  Most hosting services provide this as standard but it is still good to check.  Most providers have built in security, but if this is not provided, your website will be vulnerable to attacks from hackers.