Our Guide To Computing In 2020

2020 has been quite the year for technology as well as computing in general. Increasingly advancements are being made in a variety of different sectors in business overall. One of the main areas in which computing is being improved is actually within the automotive industry. Increasingly auto manufacturers such as Tesla are incorporating more computers into their vehicles. This means that they will be more functional overall and capable of doing more.

Cyber security

One of the main buzzwords of this year so far has been cyber security. Increasingly cyber security is becoming a more challenging and ever-present issue. This is because increasingly a growing number of large firms are being affected by cyber attacks.

As a result of this growing numbers of high profile firms are looking for better and more sophisticated cyber security solutions.This has led to significant competition between rival firms within the cyber security industry overall. Increasingly security firms are trying to push one another out of the market as a direct result of this.

More Powerful Tech

Another notable feature which has made it into our round up of 2020 is more powerful tech. At this stage more powerful tech is pretty much a given as a result of newer and more sophisticated technology overall. However although there are many benefits to faster and more powerful tech there are also downsides.

For example one criticism which has been fairly prevalent throughout the gaming industry has been the money required for the latest gaming systems. Some argue that newer gaming consoles and games are simply too high resolution/powerful and require too much storage space in order to play. This argument is a fair argument to an extent. Traditionally older gaming consoles have been very forgiving and required only minimal storage space in order for users to play games.

However newer consoles are significantly more demanding in terms of performance as well as storage space. For example a PlayStation 4  console typically requires tens of gigabytes for storage for one game and in some cases even hundreds. This is extreme compared to the older gen consoles such as PlayStation 2 which required tens of megabytes per game rather than gigabytes.

Technological Innovations

In recent months and years there have also been a number of significant technological innovations. One key innovation which could change the way we all travel and move across the country is  driver-less cars. Increasingly more investment and time is being put into driver-less cars overall. This is because they are seen as a new and emerging technology which pose significantly less risks to people than other drivers.  This technology could potentially be seen being put into cars as standard in the near future.

In terms of technological innovations one of our proudest innovations to date has been the development of delicious safari 1.3

Overall in conclusion it is clear that technological innovations could have a significant overall effect on the way that we use technology. It is important to note that technology should be developed to innovate and improve systems rather than just simplifying processes and adding convenience overall. Its unclear how technology may develop in the future but clearly a lot of forethought is needed in the lead up to this.